Burnette: Will Trump’s North Korea Policy Cause a Nuclear War?

The North Korean flag. (Unmodified photo by (stephan) on flickr used under a Creative Commons license. http://bit.ly/1jxQJMa)

We are living the nightmare scenario: North Korea has a nuclear weapon. Now there is talk of mutual preemptive strikes against allies of the United States or vise-versa.

I am hesitant to call what President Trump is doing a policy as much as I would call it him acting as he goes. He is yet to declare what he hopes will happen as a result of him moving the seventh fleet close to the Korean Peninsula.

Some would consider this a negotiation tactic, but it is hard to think so when the situation is more of a standoff than a negotiation. If we were at a table with them I could see it, but we do not. The fleet is basically sitting there, waiting to see who fires first.

I do not think that either side will attack, but if someone did, we are looking at Seoul, Tokyo, and Pyongyang potentially no longer existing. That is if they roll out the nuclear weapons.

There is no threat of absolute destruction for the United States and its allies—North Korea does not have the capabilities to ensure that. The economic sanctions and threats have not been working so hopefully the threat of absolute destruction and of overthrowing the current regime will control Kim Jong-un.

Looking at their culture, it is likely the end to the Kims that would cause their government to not fire a shot.

In their founder’s day parade, they rolled out what appeared to be intercontinental ballistic missiles. These weapons have not to any public knowledge been tested.

When the world would normally look for American leadership and consistency during volatile times, President Trump is acting recklessly. He moved a carrier strike group within striking distance of the Korean Peninsula. This has created more of a sense of fear that tensions would escalate.

North Korea has a tendency to test weapons on or near Founder’s Day. They continued that tradition this weekend with a test of a missile.

It was a failure.

The United States military has began to look at what type of missile they could have been launching, but has not announced a determination.

Experts outside the government are beginning to speculate that it was not designed to be able to reach the United States mainland or Hawaii.

Their failure should leave the world safer. Trump was threatening an attack if there was a test of a weapon. The standoff will likely end because of it.

Both the citizens of the United States and those of the globe got lucky. This standoff could have been prevented if the president understood foreign relations.

His lack of experience is championed among his supporters. This is a prime example of why experience should be looked upon as a necessity. Trump provoking North Korea has implications in the Middle East. He probably does not realize this. Iran not having a nuclear makes things more simplistic, but Russia is still involved.

Right now, it is hard to guess what Trump will do next, even more so than North Korea. He has no set goals, making it harder to predict.

There needs to be stability in the world with less conflict. Trump having just short term objectives deprives the world from the consistency that it needs.

The United States cannot continue to be a leader on the world stage if the rest of the world cannot count on us.

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